Benjamin Franklin Quotes, Unique Secrets for Success
in Relationships, Personal Prosperity & Self Improvement

Our Benjamin Franklin Workbook includes his original unfinished work, updated for today's challenges in a self-help book. Easy, step-by-step methods to make your life, and the lives of others better & happier.

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Free online book chapters & how to get a copy of his original handwritten work

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Sorry, we're presently sold out of books and ebooks, and awaiting sufficient contributions to reprint. The latest ebook should be available soon however, so please check back monthly. When an "order" link appears on the linksbar on the right, it will be available.

Everyone who places secure orders through this site or via phone, will receive a FREE copy of Ben Franklin's entire autobiography in his own hand, if requested.


GRO self help books presents

"Benjamin Franklin's GR Workbook".

 A step-by-step guide to creating a better life

Improving Relationships (friends, family, spouses & strangers).

Detailed personal techniques & specific meeting procedures to help with changing anything about yourself, including free affirmations for most situations

How to start your own self help groups with family, friends, or clubs in your own house of worship (if you have one),  to work together on improving your lives.

How to improve roommate or dorm situations.

How to set up positive "house rules" for a happy, comfortable growth-oriented household. 


Table of Contents


In the not so distant future, we'll be adding children's bed/naptime stories and a book about how to easily raise obedient, successful, positive unselfish children - lovingly & non-violently. But for now, we recommend beginning with the below book. The responses we've received from people who have been helped by it are truly inspiring.

You can achieve any goal you set your mind to.  You can be a positive, constructive, successful individual who "gives back", or just one more negative person miserably "getting by".  You can also help others around you do the same, so you can live amongst those who are also on the "upward track" to a great new life. 

Imagine a world where you and everyone else treat each other with the caring and respect you'd like to be treated with. Wow. But you can't change others directly. You can only change yourself, and perhaps have a positive impact on others. So it starts with you. But just by doing that, you'll find that your whole life will change around you. You can have a truly "good neighbor", a good friend, and have great relationships. Just be one yourself.



All contributions to GRO™ go directly for stated purposes - not "administrative fees" ( administrators/managers are volunteers who receive no compensation). Contributions are greatly needed/ appreciated, will help us print/distribute more books and create a retreat, educational, seminar center. It will also allow us to have teachers train people how to use the Benjamin Franklin Secrets to Success GR techniques at home or in clubs or their house of worship. 

Our instructors and phone counselors must work for a living like everyone else. Gifts for their time and expenses are appreciated but not required.

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