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Our Benjamin Franklin Workbook  Contains Easy, step-by-step methods to make your life, and the lives of others better & happier.

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How do contributions help us all? 

The first thing contributions will go for is to pay the annual property tax on the GRO center and maintenance costs. From there, we also print the books, organize retreats and seminars and continue our call center for folks in need,  finishing the GRO retreat, and printing new GR books.

Exciting News! 

Now you can be a supporter of our work, without donating a dime or any effort!  If you'd be so kind, could you please simply click the link below to name us,  (Golden Rule Org) your beneficiary with Amazon?  It costs you zero, and every time you buy anything on Amazon,  our charity gets a little bit of income from your purchase!  One click is all it takes to be a part of the soul-ution. Thanks so much!  (In the future, you will go to to make sure that your vote for charity goes to us).


Please join us in helping the world, yourself and your loved ones, and stretch your budget as much as you can to give generously. Besides the obvious direct rewards, you'll also be rewarded with that warm feeling that only comes with giving selflessly and knowing that you're doing something to help others (and you may end up being one of those others yourself).

Whether you believe in "you reap what you sow", or "what goes around comes around", or not, we believe that somehow, somewhere, your support will go down as one of the greatest, most positive contributions you ever made during your life. 

And don't forget, this isn't just charity. You really do get more than you give, but more importantly, you will be doing something to help your soul, and perhaps even your own life.


Below you'll find various level "Make a Donation" buttons. But before you get to that, please hear what else we have to say, and give it serious thought.

People often feel powerless about making a real and positive difference. "What can I do? My little gift doesn't really count, it wont make a difference.", or "Someone else will do it - so I don't need to." But what often happens, is that almost everyone thinks the same way, and then no funds are raised. 

A "grass roots" movement can make all the difference.  When we all work together as one, we create and become part of something far more powerful than ourselves, and what we can achieve on our own.

Even if it's not a lot, if each and every person gives something, it all adds up and makes greater things possible. Like twelve people trying to push a car out of a ditch instead of one. Our collective power is awesome. 

Use your power now - join us in making that difference and become a part of a wonderful gift for all of Humankind. All good people are counting on you. And as they say, "what goes around comes around". 

Such a project as this requires a lot of energy in one way or another. A whole lot of pennies from many people or a couple of million from one person would do it. 

But a lot of people helping a little, adds up to much more. And it's more likely to get a lot of small amounts than one or two big ones. What can you truly "pull off", especially if you are more than getting back what you give in several ways?  

As Jesus is quoted as saying in the modern bible, it's easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven (don't ask why a camel would want to get through the eye of a needle - I'm still trying to figure out why the chicken crossed the road). 

So getting down to the reality of a reasonable level of gift-giving, if every single one of you who read this gives $50, GRO can get property and hopefully do some building for an educational/ retreat center and a GR workbook re-print. But if only half of you give that much, we may not even be able to secure property. 

That's why it would be best if everyone contributes $100 - it would insure  a functional degree of construction, and a re-print.

Where does the money go?

Your contributions from the above will go into the GRO's non-profit account.  All of it will go directly to non-profit costs, equipment, non-member construction costs and people doing lectures or educational retreats of a related nature. 

Does GRO accept gifts other than money? 

We know money is tight for many of you these days, but please consider the importance of this project. The "Make a Donation" shopping cart buttons below, and the monthly "auto-pay" systems make giving easy (cancelable at any time). 

Also, you could contribute something additional that's equal to a week's pay or such. To give more (or less) than the preset amounts, please call the WH order fulfillment line toll free at 719-221-9779, to make other or special arrangements


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All contributions to GROâ„¢ go directly for stated purposes - not "administrative fees" ( administrators/managers are volunteers who receive no compensation). Contributions are greatly needed/ appreciated, will help us print/distribute more books and create a retreat, educational, seminar center. It will also allow us to have teachers train people how to use the Benjamin Franklin Secrets to Success GR techniques at home or in clubs or their house of worship. 

Our instructors and phone counselors must work for a living like everyone else. Gifts for their time and expenses are appreciated but not required.

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