Benjamin Franklin Quotes, Unique Secrets for Success
in Relationships, Personal Prosperity & Self Improvement

Our Benjamin Franklin Workbook includes his original unfinished work, updated for today's challenges in a self-help book . Easy, step-by-step methods to make your life, and the lives of others better & happier.

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Free online book chapters & how to get a copy of his original handwritten work

Table of Contents

1 - Benjamin Franklin's dream - Ben meets the GR in his "Art of Virtue"

2 - The GR & Its Significance

3 - My experience

4 - "Me First!" "No, Me First"

5 - Creating a Better GR World

6 - Negative/Positive Thinking and the GR

Part Two - Tools & Tips for Applying the GR Methods

7 - Getting to Know You

8 - Changing Yourself

9 - Wanting & Taking Criticism - The Key to REAL change.

10 - You Can’t Always Get What You Want

11 - Communication, Communication, Communication

12 - Seeing From Someone Else’s Point of View

13 - Selfish Addictions, Deciding What You Want, Commitment &   Determination

14 - Getting some Help from Your Sub-conscious Mind

15 - Goals

16 - Ideals

17 - Self Tolerance

18 - Using "Corrective Affirmations" to Help You Practice what you Preach (or Believe In)

19 - Things To Do Today (Before I Physically Die)

20 - Working with others of Like-Mind

21 - Choosing Intentional Roommates

22 - Intentional Roommate Meetings

23 - Family/Spouse Issues

24 - Creating Your Individual Daily GR Program

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