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Our Benjamin Franklin Workbook includes his original unfinished work, updated for today's challenges in a self-help book. Easy, step-by-step methods to make your life, and the lives of others better & happier.

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First, some upcoming Ezine news:

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Gas prices soar. Newton's law? What goes up doesn't always come down! The upcoming newsletter will give links and tips for GROers to easily find the cheapest local & trip plan gas prices, FREE. How you ask?

It's done by GROers who keep checking & post them (see how living by the GR helps each other, even with things like gas & oil prices!). It'll also have many other tips that will help you save hundreds if not thousands of dollars, while helping the environment. Spread the info. Spread some savings for GRO?

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The friend finder system is finally up!

We had to get and customize an expensive dating service program (so if it has bugs, pllleeaassse tell us so we can try to fix them (or GROer web designers using FP, help!). We need volunteers and can't keep it up (no Viagra jokes please).

But you can list yourself and once everyone else has, auto-find others in your area or anywhere, communicate, carpool, talk out problems long distance, help move, relocate if you want near pen-pals you "hit it off with", roommate, date (GROer wedding bells likes/dislikes matched soul-mates?).

Even move to locations you want to live in a GRO-like community. We know of great deals in little known secrets of the CO Rockies where land is cheap and doubling fast, with nice people in small towns. We have computer and other home-biz ideas too! Go anywhere in the world! Specifics later, but hurry, contributions will be necessary to pay for itself after it's working and inhabited unfortunately, but it should be more than worth it for those of us who like being nice people, and sharing with other nice people.

It's going to take awhile to get enough people before there's much to find or talk/meet with. Be the first. Give us feedback or ideas! We'll do what we can, and give us a break regarding response - remember, we all work like you, and maybe it will take a while, or just get addressed in an GRO Ezine issue.

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"Can't put it down" Story about abused sisters.
It makes Warren Jeffs look like an angel story on Oprah.

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An artificial intelligence internet radio
Finds your favorite artists, plus new ones that sound like them, even oldies. Plays whole songs in the background, and on your stereo if you want. Click and gives stories, bio's, and "where to buy" info.

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Get important announcements & news, interesting stories, tips for self help and success, like the above and far more. Learn how we can work together to help the helpless, hap the hapless, and create a sort of GR caring/kindness "lobby" who can work together even to help people through spreading the word about someone's needs. We'll discuss the potential of this power for good, and how it could become a huge positive force in this world, that will have recognition and influence like AARP, NAACP, NRA, PETA, ACLU, you name it. If it has letters, we'll be there together, right friends?

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By the way, a few GR related recommended movies. "Pay it forward", "Friendly Persuasion", "National Treasure" (not so GR related, but "founding father", Ben Franklin & the Declaration of Independence, secret societies they belonged to (like the DaVinci code in that sense, but based on real facts known about the founders and Benjamin Franklin. Secret tip, keep an eye out for who Nicolas Cage's father looks like).

FIRST for those wanting a glimpse of what a GROer world would be like, based on a true story according to ancient civilization historians, "Lost Horizon" - wow. For readers, the movies are from the James Hilton novel. This story of the legendary Shangri-La, was claimed to have been discovered a few years ago by National Geo. Explorers - it hit the wire services and some local papers, then... disappeared in denial. No charges of fraud or anything. Just, silence or "Don't know what you're talking about". Got your interest?

First told in movie form by the famous great social change advocate director Frank Capra ("It's a Wonderful life" and many more great flicks), it was one of his first, severely under budgeted, and left to rot. So when dug out, it was in bad shape, and they restored most of it, but parts were unrecoverable. I love it too, but my fav is the hard to find newer color musical version (Burt Bacharach score). I dont like some of the songs, love some, but they are part of the story, not overbearing (I wouldn't call it a "musical") and you can turn it down for songs you don't like once you get the message. I've heard you may be able to find a copy on Ebay. Big stars, Peter Finch, Michael York, Sally Kellermen, and more. 6 star rating out of 5 from me.

A lot of times libraries can custom order movies to rent, that you can't find elsewhere. We just found a link where you can get the '73 color "Lost Horizon" - Hopefully they have US based shipping. We'll put it in an Ezine also.

Also, an warm old Edward G. Robinson flick called "Brother Orchid" is a great example of how the GR changes a gangster into a caring man who completely turns his life around.

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Back to the Ezine, as they say, "Try it, it's FREE, what do you have to lose?" If you don't like it, unsubscribe with a click.

If you want to help each other become better, happier, and more successful people, this is a great resource and adjunct to the upcoming "Benjamin Franklin's Secrets to Success"/GRO guidebook with step by step instructions for self help self improvement, conducting GRO meetings with spouses, family, friends, dealing with strangers, etc. written by a Stanford grad MD PhD with unequaled international credentials. For her resume, check out a couple of her half dozen sites, (great tools for GROers), or for FULL credentials, her It's a newspaper. Her upcoming book that should help avoid and beat any flu, including the avian bird flu pandemic, will be in ebook form and you'll be amongst the first to know as a subscriber. Could save you and your loved one's lives. Based on some old and new info by the way, before you need your immune system in top shape, some things should probably be done. So don't miss those articles either. Hopefully, she'll be a semi-regular contributor.

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We'll be sharing and discussing all kinds of interesting things, all with the "care about each other" GR viewpoint.

We want to hear from you too. We'll cover that, unusual news, eco news, GRO projects progress updates, self improvement ideas and tools, healing, starting your own successful businesses - even at home, food, shelter, sustainable living, etc.

Perhaps you have a story, or ask for what you'd like to hear about. The GRO non profit board will publish some that they think others would like to hear, and is within our IRS non profit charter and laws governing such things.

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